Our history

It all started in Palermo in the early 40s, when Francesco Vitale (Nonno Ciccio) decided to devote himself to the wine business and to open a tavern in Via Gaetano La Loggia, which became a meeting place for friends and patrons.
In 1955, thanks to the experience gained in the city, Francesco chose to return to his native town, Partinico where, together with his family, he decided to found the Vitale brand and to give life to the first Bottega di Vino where he started the first vinifications, favoring the grapes of their own territory.
The winery was founded in 1962 by Francesco Vitale, a generous and sincere man who, marked by entrepreneurial genius, from the tavern expands his business, founding the brand.
The winery, located in the outskirts of the town, in the Margi district, is a family-run business. Now in its third generation, it is administered by the young nephew Francesco with the precious collaboration of his father Francesco Paolo (winemaker).

Casa Vinicola Vitale is a processing, vinification and bottling plant that produces high quality wines, such as the Zibibbo liqueur wine and almond flavored, cream-flavored wines. coffee and strawberry, produced with infusions and strictly natural aromas according to the ancient recipe of Nonno, or the persuasive White and Red wines obtained from native vines, selected in the most suitable wine-producing areas of Sicily, vinified with traditional techniques in the presence of skins at temperature controlled and aged in barriques in air-conditioned environments.

For other wines, on the other hand, preservation takes place in stainless steel silos in air-conditioned environments, leaving the necessary time for refining and natural stability of the wine, so that the organoleptic characteristics of the original product remain unchanged.
The company, present today on the national and international market, produces quality wines, both in bulk and in bottles.
The Vitale Vini brand, with its niche products, true nectars for every palate, has even landed in the United States since the early 1980s.
Among the most appreciated bottles on the market is the extraordinary Caleno, selected Nero d’Avola grapes, with an intense aroma, a strong hint of vanilla and a background of wild berries.